The Gumy line is a budget range of headphones made by JVC which can be bought in any ASDA or Argos store, with the most basic line being the Gumy headphones and the premium pair being the Gumy Air. This review focuses on the premium pair, which can be purchased from most ASDA stores for about £9 or £10.

Gumy range

Like most headphones, these headphones are available in a range of colours, with the above obviously being black, as are all other headphones I showcase.

Perhaps more so than their little brother, these earphones carry excellent sound, expecially for a pair for under ten pounds, easily blowing rival ranges out of the water. One will notice these earphones are very, very loud and pack quite a punch, and carry much better bass than their siblings do also, and if in an enclosed space these can easily be utilized as an ish quiet speaker system.

They're also extremely comfortable thanks to their shape and build, boasting the ability to remain in use for hours without creating any irritability, due to the soft squishy cushion surrounding the speakers.

They're also very durable, and unlike their counterparts don't tangle nearly as much. The speakers don't have a habit of falling out either, making these a rather hassle free pair of headphones to use.


These headphones shouldn't be in any way related to the basic Gumy earphones, they're built differently, they look different, sound better, don't tangle as much and are a general improvement in every way. No matter what one's budget is, I'd recommend this pair to anyone looking for a good pair of earphones.